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Animal Control Austin is a professional, fully licensed and insured, wildlife trapper company servicing the greater Austin, TX area. We perform all facets of pest control, and specialize in the humane removal of unwanted wildlife from homes and commercial properties. If you have a problem with a wild critter, such as a raccoon in your garbage cans, a squirrel in the attic, a colony of bats in your building, a mouse or rat infestation, or a problem with pigeons, we can take care of the problem. We have over 15 years of experience, and most of our business is referrals from satisfied customers. Give us a call any time, and we are happy to discuss your wildlife problem, offer you a price estimate over the phone, and schedule an appointment, usually same day or next day. Our number is 512-298-4791. We look forward to hearing from you!

Wildlife Trapping: Raccoons, armadillos, opossums, we trap and solve the root of the problem: If you have squirrels in your attic, we don't just trap and remove the squirrels. We perform a full inspection of your home and attic, and we find out how the squirrels got in. We check the attic for damage the animals may have caused, such as chewing on electrical wires. We measure the degree of waste the animal has left behind. We humanely remove all of the squirrels, including babies, and completely animal-proof your house, sealing shut any and all areas that animals can use to enter. We repair any damage, and we clean and decontaminate your attic.

Austin Exterminator - We are an extermination company, and we also deal with insects, in addition to animals.

Austin Wildlife Trapper - We trap and remove a wide range of wildlife species, such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels, skunks, groundhogs, chipmunks, skunks, and even snakes.

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We service the greater Austin Texas area, north to Georgetown and Cedar Park, and Round Rock, Lakeway, Pflugerville, Elgin, Dripping Springs, Bastrop, Kyle, and more. Call us any time for professional wildlife pest animal control in Austin.

Austin TX Animal Control News Clip: Austin Trapping

For years the Austin, Texas Agency of Natural Resources managed the large group for growth. With exterminating companies harvesting mostly male animals, Austin, Texas’s well-nourished does reproduced with gusto. Most mature does give birth to twins, and triplets are far from unusual. Even most female animal mice produce what appears to be a mouse when they are just what appears to be a year old. Years of protecting females caused the large group to grow by leaps and bounds. As mouse amounts grew, opportunities for exterminating companies followed suit. Gradually regulations eased. In 1981 the Critter Conservation Coalition dropped animal sectors for resident male animal exterminating companies, allowing them more mobility. Three years later, party wildlife catching was legalized, and extra special exterminating companies got their own special season. In 1987 animal removal trapd barrels were legalized. In 1997, to the surprise of many, handguns were first legalized during the late special critter trap season. In following years they were allowed in most critter trap seasons. Back in 1989 nonresidents were first allowed to mouse critter trap in Austin, Texas, and nonresident tags have gradually increased over the years. All these changes barely slowed large group growth, and record harvests became the norm in most years. The winds of change in regulations and wildlife catching have been blowing for several years. Back in 1998 the Critter Conservation Coalition polled landowners and learned that most wanted no change in the mouse biologically surveyed amount. That made what appears to be a dramatic turnaround as mouse amounts climbed. In what appears to be a similar 2002 poll three-fourths of landowners wanted mouse amounts reduced. The handwriting was on the wall. We could not obtain an opinion from TX pest control companies regarding the issue.