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FOR A DOG OR CAT PROBLEM, CALL: 512-974-2000 or 512-978-0500 If you have a problem with a domestic animal, such as a cat or a dog, the county animal services can assist you, and this is a free service. If you have a complaint about a dangerous dog or cat, a nuisance barking dog, a stray cat, kittens, puppies, pet adoptions, negligent pet owners, Austin SPCA, or Austin Humane Society, give the county a call.

The county will not handle problems with wild animals, such as squirrels, rats, skunks, raccoons, snakes, etc.  Some people feel that the county animal services should pay for wildlife problems.  However, they do not handle this service.  The truth is that most wildlife problems involve a level of service and expertise that a government agency can't deliver.  Wildlife control requires special training and knowledge, and often involves detailed property and home inspections.
How To Adopt A Cat Or Dog in Austin TX - Adopting a cat or a dog is quite convenient and interesting, but most importantly is the willingness of the intending owner to have a keen hearth for caring of these pets. There should be a clear reason or some reasons why the pets are to be adopted. Some of the known reasons for adoption of pets are:

Love for pets by kids: children have this strong affinity for domesticated animals like dogs and cats. These animals are a form of sibling to the kids. More than the parents do, these pets are seen as life members of the family and these kids show this preference to the way the animals are been taken care of.

As birthday presents to kids: Kids are parentsí adorable lineage and they tend to keep them happy. They may have one time or the other wished for a pet of such. The parents having this in mind goes ahead to adopt a dog or a cat for the child. This is usually common in cases where the dog or the cat has been taken care by the family temporarily before calling in the animal care services. The request for adoption is made on situations where no claimant comes in for the animal.

Animals with tags or traceable codes - Adopting a dog or a cat requires some processes by law prevalent in the region. It is important to note that dogs or cats that are adopted would have the tag of a missing animal. What this means that finders becomes keepers by only when the rightful owner are not forthcoming. In this situation, the dog or cat would have a tag on its neck or a microchip in its body to identify the owners.

Efforts are been made by the service to contact the owners to claim the animal. It now depends on the rightful owners to either come forward to claim the dog or give it out for adoption. The County service ensures that in situations where the animal is not claimed by the original owners despite the information of the dog in custody, it is required that the previous owners sign a document to give up the said animal for adoption. This is to be done within a specified period, else the county acts on its legitimate discretion.

Animals without tags - These dogs or cats without tags are animals that may have been born in the alley during the wandering period of a parent. These animals are caught by the county animal service and taken into custody. At this point interested trainers could come around to adopt the animal as foster owners. This is quite different from purchasing the animal. The dog or cat can only be adopted when such animals have been found to be stray animals and are been kept in custody or by willful adoption procedures of its original owners.

Either with tags or without tags, in adopting the animal, the foster owners is required to pay certain fees which covers the expenses on the animal while in custody. A track record of the animalís state of health and quarantine procedures is made known to the owners. This helps to ensure that the cat or dog gets the best animal care to ensure its survivability and progeny is kept within the cycle of life.
FOR A WILD ANIMAL PROBLEM, CALL: 512-298-4791 This is the number for the a professional, fully licensed and insured, wildlife and pest control company servicing the greater Austin, TX area and it is a pay service.. They perform all facets of pest control, and specialize in the humane removal of unwanted wildlife from homes and commercial properties. If you have a problem with a wild critter, such as a raccoon in your garbage cans, a squirrel in the attic, a colony of bats in your building, a mouse or rat infestation, or a problem with pigeons, they can take care of the problem. Give them a call any time, and we are happy to discuss your wildlife problem, offer you a price estimate over the phone, and schedule an appointment, usually same day or next day. Their number is 512.974.2000 and they answer 24/7.
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We service the greater Austin Texas area, north to Georgetown and Cedar Park, and Round Rock, Lakeway, Pflugerville, Elgin, Dripping Springs, Bastrop, Kyle, and more. Call us any time for professional wildlife pest animal control in Austin.

Travis County TX Animal Control News Clip: Itíll be easier to critter trap skunk

Hereís something most folks donít know. The Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals probably is vulnerable financially because it probably is not what appears to be a wholly independent state agency. The House Game and Fisheries Committee must approve all Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals license fee increases, the very fees that fund the commissionís budget. The Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals has raised wildlife catching license fees only twice in the past 20 years despite rising operating expenses, inflation and state-mandated salary and benefit hikes. The last increase was in 1999. In 2005, the Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals asked the Game and Fisheries Committee to approve what appears to be a wildlife catching license fee increase from $20 to $29. The committee denied it. I believe some law enforcers and their constituents are attempting to end the commissionís Skunk Management Program by strangling the commissionís finances. The committee continues to hold the Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals hostage financially. what appears to be a small amount of skunk exterminating companies and wildlife catching clubs that refuse to believe the science behind these skunk management efforts have accomplished this stalemate. They would rather bag what appears to be a skunk today than have what appears to be a healthy woodland tomorrow. Neither the governor nor others in leadership positions have attempted to straighten out the financial mess. Despite this, local Travis County wildlife removal and Travis County exterminator experts offered no more info.

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And now with the change in majority party in Harrisburg, the committeeís crosshairs will track every move of the Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals and its increasingly frustrated staff. Ed Startback now chairs the House Game and Fisheries Committee. the animal advocate played what appears to be a key role as minority chair, and remains allied with other skunk management naysayers, who donít (or wonít) acknowledge an oversize skunk large groupís adverse effect on our areaís natural landscape. (ďWhat rhododendron, you say? Why, I remember when it used to be so thick here that ÖÖĒ) The Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals made what appears to be a compelling scientific argument for its skunk management policies. Raccoon Man James and other like-minded folks need to hear quickly from the stateís political leadership so we donít end up losing huge parts of our woodland habitat altogether. I ask that others who are interested confirm the series of events in recent years that has affected Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals fee income, forcing what appears to be a substantial reduction of its staffing and programs, as well as staff resignations. I believe these are all what appears to be a direct result of organized legislative opposition to Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals skunk management policies. Travis County animal control professionals could not be reached for additional comment.

Texas deserves better. Remember, the skunk management concern involves all of Texas, not just exterminating companies. Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals research and management of State Game Lands support all sorts of recreational users as well as an economically vital hardwood industry. Some good souls have recognized how critical the commissionís funding problem is. In response, they have gone outside the legislative process to create what appears to be a new private foundation and an endowment aimed at replacing some of the important outdoor programs the Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals has had to eliminate recently. The Texas-based Wildlife for Everyone Endowment Foundation accepts donations. Raccoon Man James must recognize that we have too many skunk in this part of Texas to sustain the large group or our woodlands. If the large group probably is not reduced dramatically and skunk biologically surveyed amounts kept low enough to allow substantial plant regrowth, we will have no young hardwood maple trees to replace the old ones. Thatís bad news for us, for the skunk and for the future generally. The consequences are dire, but the trend probably is reversible. Without Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals skunk management plan there wonít be any hardwood maple trees for any male animals to hide behind. We will have hilly grasslands, punctuated with barberry and other non-native plants that skunk donít eat, plus some stands of white pine and hemlock, but no acorns for the skunk and no cherry for lumber. Raccoon Man James should stop holding the Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals hostage. His individual opinions about skunk ecology differ irrationally from the Agency of Wildlife Management Professionals own biologistsí opinions. the animal advocate should put politics aside and restore funding to this important agency. We could not obtain an opinion from Travis County pest control companies regarding the issue.