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Austin Opossum Control & Removal

About Opossums: Opossums are unique animals. They are marsupials, which means that the mother gives birth to teensy tiny young that actually grow in a pouch. The opossum has a prehensile tale, opposable thumbs, and sometimes play dead. Possums frequently eat garbage and pet food, and often live under sheds or even crawl up into the attics of homes.

Nuisance Concerns: Opossums are opportunistic scavengers. They often steal pet food or garbage or live under a deck or shed. They can also get in the attic. They spread a lot of waste and they can host parasites that can infest pets.
Opossums are a common nuisance animal in central Texas. In Austin and Travis County, possum have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area. If you need a professional solution for your Austin possum problem, give us at A Wildlife Pro a call. We are experts at possum control and removal, and have been working with Texas wildlife for over 10 years. We are familiar with the habits of Texas possum, and are experts at humane trapping and removal of this critter. Give us a phone call any time, and we can schedule a same-day or next day appointment.
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Austin Opossum Control Emails:

My name is Greg and I am looking for someone to trap and remove opossums from the park. We have taken over control of this park about 7 months ago and this problem is next on my list. We have updated the rules in the park require no unwanted wildlife. And that any opossums running loose would be considered a problem and would be trapped and removed. I notice that you do wildlife and I have found that all county and town animal control officer have no procedures for opossums as they are classified non-domestic.

Hello A Wildlife Pro of Austin TX, Greetings from Austin, Texas. Don’t know if this is a valid email address but will find out. Gotta opossum in my attic. I read your article with great interest. Can’t find an animal trapper. I called city animal control and ask if they knew of a source of help. The referred me to Pest control yellow pages. I had previously contracted then but had no results. The trap was tripped but no opossums. They brought a new trap but the opossum was not interested. Caught a cat. Their trap was 32x10x12. I bought a 42x15x15 trap, as my neighbor said that is was a "really big possum". I had the same result. Trap tripped but no opossums. Next I used some fried chicken inside the trap and marshmallow with some samples in a trail into the trap. This time the marshmallows and chicken were gone but the trap not tripped. ARG ! Do I hava 900 LB opossum with a college degree? Escape artist ? It gets outa the trap and can go into trap get the bait and not trip it! Guess I just havta be patient and some day bingo? Best Regards, Jeff

if a young, little opossum is caught inside of a home. is it okay to catch and release in a near by city river. we feel guilty and concern for its livelihood. San Antonio city river plenty of weed, flowers, water, and few trees,(pecan) near 2 warehouse. this baby opossum got in my elderly father's bed scratched his head and nearly scared him half to death.

Possum in bed - scratch old man's head - man almost dead. Got it. Yes, you can release the opossum by the river. Opossums leave their mom at a very young age, so the one you found was already on its own.