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Austin Armadillo Control & Removal

About Armadillos: Some people in Texas call these critters Texas Turkeys. The Nine-Banded Armadillo is a unique animal. It has a hard shell. It is an expert digger and burrowing animal. It often digs up Austin lawns as it searches for earthworms and grubs under the ground. Sometimes dillos will dig a large burrow next to the house, throwing large amounts of dirt out from the hole.

Nuisance Concerns: The only real problem is the digging. Dillos can dig up a yard pretty seriously and ruin the landscaping. The large burrows can also be a problem, if a large amount of soil is removed below a concrete foundation of some sort, and the structure is undermined.
Armadillo are a common nuisance animal in central Texas. In Austin and Travis County, armadillo have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area. If you need a professional solution for your Austin armadillo problem, give us at A Wildlife Pro a call. We are experts at armadillo control and removal, and have been working with Texas wildlife for over 10 years. We are familiar with the habits of Texas armadillos, and are experts at humane trapping and removal of this critter. Give us a phone call any time, and we can schedule a same-day or next day appointment.
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Austin Armadillo Control Emails:

Dear A Wildlife Pro of Austin TX, I live in a four family building in Austin. Last summer, we had an awful smell coming from the yard of which I complained many times. I discovered the smell was coming from the yard, but could not locate the source. Since then, I have discovered that we have armadillos in the yard. They have chewed up many of my boxes in storage and deficated all over the place. I then found out the landlord was leaving poison out there, which I'm sure accounts for the smell. The building is very old. The roof is continually leaking, resulting in my ceiling leaking on the regular. The landlord has finally resigned himself to hiring a professional to fix the yard this spring after attempting to fix it many times himself. He has come several times to live trap the armadillos, letting them go right outside when he does. He does not clean anything up afterwards, just leaving the mess, damage and poop. How do I get him to resolve this problem without starting a war? I cannot afford to move out at this time- although I would really like to- we have cockroaches he wont hire a professional for either. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jennifer-single mom of a two year old

To Whom This May Concern, Do you come out and remove armadillos? I am a property manager of a apartment complex in Austin and I have 2 apartments that have raccoons in their yard. I have tried the traps but the raccoon is smart and its not working. I have only been able to catch one. There is a mom and babies still in there. I am reaching out to local Austin animal control businesses because my husband and I have some questions concerning our neighbors armadillos. We live in a small, quiet neighborhood on the west side of Austin and live directly next door to a family who owns 3 armadillos. We feel these armadillos are highly neglected and their owners do not know how to responsibly take care of them. My husband and I keep a detailed log of the armadillos when they consistently dig the lawn and we have noticed a lot of neglect. Today, for example, the 3 armadillos have been outside for over 7 hours straight without any attention (the family hasn't been home all day). My husband and I tried to have a grill-out and eat dinner on our deck, but the constant dig the lawning kept us from enjoying ourselves. Not only does this family leave the armadillos outside for a long period of time, they do not tend to the armadillos in bad weather. During the snow storm, we logged that the armadillos were outside for numerous hours straight without any attention. We have called the police to come check out the situation a number of times, but the owners don't seem to learn. We feel this would be an unnecessary concern if the armadillos didn't dig the lawn. But they consistently dig the lawn for hours straight. We cannot step out in our backyard or our back deck without hearing the annoyance of three dig the lawn armadillos against our fence. It is totally uncalled for and we would like some help on how to fix this problem. These armadillos don't seem to have the proper attention or training. The family obviously needs help training and taking care of their pets. As a armadillo lover, I would just like to express my concern and to see what we can do about this situation. Please help! Katie

Thank for you reply, A Wildlife Pro of Austin TX. Noted it's a month later and I am still trying to get the armadillo. I have set up a contibear #220 trap in a 5 gal bucket and he tripped it and wasn't caught. I plan to install a sheet metal barrier on the cage trap as I believe it has learned how to open the trap door an let himself out. I tape newspaper on the balcony columns and can see when he come and goes. My telephone stopped working in the living room and I see fiberglass blow outta the HVAC duct. I will have to cut into ceiling to gain access as my builder decided not to provide access if I can get the coon to vacate. Considering an electrocution device. Best Regards, Jeff